What kind of parents will the children of Grange Hill make?


As its creator hints at a revival, with former students now playing parents, Michael Hogan reflects on what they would do

“Go ahead, Tucker! Bullet Baxter is coming! There are few TV shows more nostalgic than the school soap opera Colline des Granges. Comic book style title sequence featuring a sausage on a fork.

The revolutionary BBC children’s drama set in a North London set debuted in 1978 and was one of the oldest shows on television by the time it ended 30 years and 601 episodes later.

Today, its creator Phil Redmond – the man also responsible for Brookside and Hollyoaks – pitched the idea of ​​bringing it back for today’s teens, with original actors playing the parents of Colline des Granges students. “He could have fallen into Ofsted’s special measures and threatened with closure, but the old characters could come together to save him as a community school,” Redmond said. He added that the scenarios could tackle knife crime and “social media pressures”, as well as “Extinction Rebellion and the cult of Greta Thunberg”.

So what would be the 10 most memorable Grange Hillers so far? What kind of parent would each of them be? We made an educated guess (in public school) …

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