The number one reason consumers use store cards

When consumers buy from merchants with whom they have store cards, they tend to pay with those cards.

In fact, consumers use store cards to pay for store card-eligible purchases 87% of the time, according to “The Truth About BNPL And Store Cards,” a collaboration between PYMNTS and PayPal based on a survey of 2,161 consumers. Americans.

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Only 13% of consumers use another method when store cards are available.

Figure 1A

When shoppers choose not to use their store cards for qualifying purchases, they pay primarily with debit or credit cards. PYMNTS research found that 7% of store card holders used debit cards to make their last store card-eligible purchases, and 4% used credit cards.

Only 2% of those shoppers used cash and less than 1% used PayPal.

Shoppers rarely, if ever, use buy now, pay later (BNPL) options to pay for eligible store card purchases.

Figure 1B

Store cardholders say there are a few benefits to using store cards to pay when they can. Top of the list are rewards and convenience or speed — these benefits are cited by 42% and 36%, respectively, of consumers who paid for their last store card-eligible purchases with a store card.

Twelve percent of store cardholders say better expense management is the reason they use store cards for qualifying purchases.

Less common considerations include whether their purchases were valued at a low or high dollar value, whether they had the funds to make a given purchase, and other factors when deciding how to pay. These reasons for using a store card are cited by 4% or less of store card holders.

Table 1



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