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The 2nd Financial Freedom and Fellowship Leadership Conference was hosted on September 3-5, 2021 by SSL Academy with the theme “Saptaanga – The Seven Pillars of Leadership” spoke about business success following the post model -pandemic.
Mentioning the qualities of rulers with reference to Lord Krishna and Lord Rama in today’s world, the main guest of the rulers’ conclave, which was hosted at Virtually, Nilesh Shah, MD & CEO Kotak AMC & Chairman AMFI in his inaugural speech said that a good leader must be able to galvanize people. “The leader must have a clear vision of the ultimate goal, which must be achieved,” he added.
The conference began with a welcome speech from Kanak Kr Jain, founder of SSL Academy and the FFF conference. Sharing the reasoning of this conference, Jain summarized that the conclave will be experiential and will see leaders who are Swami (founders), Aamatyas (CEOs and leaders), Janapada (heads of marketing), Durg (infrastructure / walled city), Danda ( managers team), Kosha (Finance) and Mitra (Experienced friend and consultant).

Abhilash Misra, CEO, NSE Academy, and the event’s guest of honor explained the importance of the study in achieving desired success. The opening speech was delivered by Sandeep Marwah, founder of Marwah Studio, who energized the audience with the traits of the leaders’ mindset.
On this occasion, Professor Dr. Subrata Kumar Dey, Vice-Chancellor of Swami Vivekananda University and Guest of Honor also inaugurated the MBA Finance program.
Motilal Oswal, Managing Director of Motilal Oswal Financial Services, started the first technical session with India’s potential as a world leader in mind. “In the new post-pandemic world order, the country has a more important role to play on the world web,” he explained.
S Naren, CIO-ICICI Prudential AMC explained the importance of debt funds as an alternative investment tool. “When investing in an asset allocation fund, an investor has the ability to leverage asset classes in equities and debt securities. However, an investor should be mindful of the funds available in the category itself, ”he said.

Dr Sivanandhan, former DGP Maharashtra, explained the “dandy” aspect of leadership and how we can manage teams in difficult times.
Ajit Menon, CEO of PGIM India MF explained the concept of “Situational Leadership” by giving the example of the ten incarnations or avatars of Lord Vishnu.
The evening gala was marked by a storytelling session for executives by Danish Husain, a Bollywood actor and storyteller.
Ganesh Ram, Managing Director and CEO of MF Utilities also awarded 5 Mutual Fund Distributors (MFDs) Kapil Jain, Kaushik Ramachandran, Chintan H Chheda, Rahul Sethia and Pawan Agarwal from across India for digital user adoption by MF Utility (MFU). Venkatesh Iyer, founder of ‘Goli Vada Pav’ shared his story of hard work and how his business was successful. Balaji Rajagopalan, former CEO of Ricoh India & ED of Xerox India introduced the concept of strategic thinking ideas. Whereas Raghav Iyengar, CBO, Axis MF shared the leadership traits of a mutual fund distributor with reference to Lord Vishnu’s ideas with leadership.
A round table discussion on “The Magic of Thinking Big” with Vinayak Sapre, Amit Bivalkar and Rajesh Sodhani was also part of the event. This was followed by Coach & Brand consultant, Himadri Sinha’s presentation on the power of branding.

Bhavin Patel, Co-Founder and CEO of LenDenClub shared his thoughts on emerging investment opportunities in the post-pandemic world through P2P lending. Likewise, A. Balasubramanian, MD & CEO, ABSL AMC gave an insightful talk on the way forward for leaders in the mutual fund industry with various examples from the US economy.
The program also saw congratulations from the winners of the “Most Influential FFF Awards 2021” in association with The Economic Times.
The 3rd day started with the understanding of Saptaanga by Dr Radhakrishna Pillai, author and speaker. This was followed by Prashant Sutaria, Principal Architect PSA and Co-Founder of CELPT, who presented his theory on how we can design tomorrow’s life and planning, which was followed by another roundtable on “ A friend in need is a friend in action ”. which was moderated by Rajesh Krishnamoorthy, Country Head FPSB India (LO).

Another highlight of the conference was “Kaun Banega Clientpati”, a money story game show hosted by Kanak Jain with 10 volatility coaches. The jury, Debasis Mohanty and Harish Rao named Dr Celso Fernandes as the winner of the match, Varun Mittal won 2nd position and Opinder Jain came in 3rd position.
Anuj Mittal was also commended in the category of Unprecedented Ideation in 2021.
The conclave also had international speakers like Michael Grinder from the United States, Peter Freeth from the United Kingdom, Mickey A Feher, also from the United States, as well as Sanjay Kr Agarwal, Shantanu Das Sharma who shared insightful thoughts on the usage communication via NLP.

The event also saw the release of the 3rd edition 2021 of the magazine “The Volatility Coaches of India” in association with The Economic Times. 1076 MFDs have registered and participated virtually in the Leadership Mega Conference.
Insights from the 2nd FFF leaders’ conference September 3-4-5, 2021

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