Sacrifice for education: Himachal man sells cow to buy smartphone to study his children online


With schools and colleges closed due to the coronavirus lockdown, studies and classes have been moved online and teachers now deliver lessons from their laptops and smartphones. However, not all students have the privilege of affording a smartphone and as a result they lose their education.Read also – Himachal Pradesh CM Jai Ram Thakur, family test negative for COVID-19; In home quarantine

But one of those families in Himachal Pradesh made sure the kids stayed connected to online studies amid the COVID-19 lockdown, even though they had to sacrifice everything. According to Tribune, a poor family in Himachal Pradesh had to sell their cow, a substantial source of income, for just Rs 6,000 to buy a smartphone so that their two children could take online lessons.

The daughter of the man Kuldeep Kumar, Anu, and her son Vansh are studying in class IV and class II, respectively, at a public school intended to serve pupils in the economically weaker section, who are entitled to free education.

“I bought a smartphone for the children to continue studying. I felt bad that I couldn’t afford a device for my children so that they could attend the online classes. So I decided to sell one of my cows for Rs 6,000, ”Kumar told IANS.

Selling the cow was the last resort for him as he had appealed to banks and private lenders for a loan to buy a smartphone but to no avail.

“With the shift from classroom education to online education, teachers are pushing us that if you want to continue your children’s education, you have to buy a device. Having no way of getting a smartphone with our meager means, we finally decided to sell a cow, ”he said.

He makes a living selling milk and his wife earns a daily salary. Now he has the lonely cow to support his family.

When local BJP lawmaker Ramesh Dhawala was made aware of Kumar’s poor financial situation, he assured to extend government aid.

(With IANS inputs)

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