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HYDERABAD: Only 44 percent of adolescent girls, compared to 56 percent of boys, have access to cell phones in Telangana, a new survey reveals. The survey, released ahead of National Girls’ Day (January 24), highlighted that one of the main reasons for girls’ limited mobile access is their parents’ reluctance, as most of them believe that phones are “dangerous” and an “unhealthy distraction.” ” for the girls.

The survey, which was conducted to analyze the challenges of digital access and empowering adolescent girls, especially in light of the pandemic, which has moved classrooms to online spaces, was conducted in 29 districts in 10 states by the Center for Catalyzing Change (C3), in association with the Digital Empowerment Foundation.

States like Assam, Haryana, Karnataka, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal were surveyed and the study found that the The digital gender divide is larger in the northern states than in the southern states. Girls in Karnataka have around 65% phone access, the highest of any state, while Telangana has the lowest disparity rate at 12%. However, the digital divide between the two sexes continues to prevail in the state.

Time spent on phones

The survey found that family attitudes and prejudices restrict girls’ time with a digital device, and overall only 42% of girls are allowed to access a cell phone, this too for less than an hour. per day. “Even when families and teens can afford smartphones, computers and other digital devices, it is still the use of the devices by male family members that comes first,” the survey found.

Speaking to the Express, Vandana Nair, C3 Senior Advisor, said: “The first problem is that there is no digital access for over 50% of adolescent girls in all of the states surveyed. Another challenge is the huge digital gender divide, which has been observed in all states. This will result in an increase in the dropout rate among girls. The survey also showed that in Telangana, the majority of people do not spend more than 300 euros on Internet connectivity in a month.

What the numbers say
The study found that the digital gender divide is larger in northern states than in southern ones. Girls in Karnataka have about 65% access to the phone

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