Launch of a new Koryntia startup to simplify the process of obtaining credits


New York, New York State – A new startup, Koryntia, is now online. The platform strives to foster and foster the adoption and acceleration of the traditional banking system to the new blockchain-based system. Koryntia is run by skilled developers, professionals and business leaders. It was created by Gregorio Punzano, founder, CEO and entrepreneur with more than four experience projects.

It is not enough to develop or create loan or loan applications, as this has associated risks for lenders and borrowers. One of these issues is the accessibility, transparency and solvency of financial solutions. It can be a two-sided business for lenders and borrowers to soak up. Still, Koryntia finance offers a loan credit Challenge solution for everyone who needs to lend or borrow money, including the underbanked.

The platform runs a decentralized application known as Koryntia DApp, allowing borrowers and lenders to borrow and lend without third parties. Users just need to connect wallets to withdraw, borrow, lend, trade, and perform many other financial tasks. From the user interface, users can easily login to any pool or log in to give cash comfortably.

Additionally, Koryntia will run multiple pools over time, but will start with the $ Kotya pool, which serves as a reserve for common tokens guaranteed by $ Kotya. The $ Kotya token will integrate other pools and allow users to create and manage a cash pool, but it will also function as the governance of all pools. It provides voting rights at the pool and protocol level, helping to protect the network and allowing its holders to participate in democratic community processes.

According to a spokesperson for Koryntia Finance, “We are very excited about this launch. Koryntia loan pools are decentralized between peers for borrowers and lenders. Nevertheless, we manage a credit score to ensure the safety of borrowers and lenders. Users would have to meet Koryntia’s credit score to take out loans, even though it is self-regulated and decentralized by smart contracts. “

Today, lenders and borrowers can get loans without intermediaries in less than three minutes on their accounts. The platform also grants loans and microcredits to their users around the world in a quick and easy process through their Koryntia apps. Users can now access loans and loans with the click of a button on the Koryntia user interface.

About Koryntia

Koryntia Finance is a fully automated pool Challenge lending platform. Their goal is to revolutionize finance and enable everyone, unbanked and banked, to access financial services, including credit rating, loans and lending, among other products. It is thanks to the blockchain allowing the deployment of the various smart contracts of borrowing and lending Koryntia. He sees lenders as a governance token, $ Kotya, to add liquidity to the reserve.

To learn more about Koryntia, call Gregorio Punzano at (+34) 670341769 or send (He / Him) an email to [email protected] Visit their official website at to take advantage of their free trial.

Media contact

Society name: Koryntia

Contact Person: Gregorio Punzano

Email: [email protected]

City: new York

State: new York

Country: United States




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