Hyper-deflationary EverGrow Coin token sets new standard in Defi

NEWARK, DE / ACCESSWIRE / December 12, 2021 / EverGrow Coin The hyper deflationary token, which rewards its holders in BUSD for every transaction, is a favorite among all cryptocurrencies. According to reports, 80-90% of new cryptocurrencies launched are scams or stack draws. EverGrow sets a new standard among Defi tokens by maintaining constant transparency with its community and its holders, over 110,000 token holders. EverGrow recently broke another record by distributing over 30 million BUSD rewards to its owners.

The reward distributed among the holders is generated from the taxes applied on each transaction. The EverGrow contract applies at 14% on each transaction of which 8% is distributed among the holders as rewards while 5% is sent to the “Buyback & Burn” wallet and to the liquidity pool. When buyback and burn are strategically activated, the contract buys EverGrow Coin, creating rewards, volume, and positive price action. Purchased tokens are immediately sent to the Burn address. EverGrow contracts are also equipped with an anti-whale system, which limits all sales of whales valued above 0.12% of total supply.

While holders are fascinated by the revolutionary Evergrow contracts, which reward in BUSD, EverGrow Coin is more than just rewards. EverGrow is launching several utilities under its brand, including dApps, a browser extension, and a mobile wallet where you can buy and trade EGC $ and other leading cryptocurrencies. Its ecosystem will also include the NFT Marketplace to create and sell NFTs and a creator subscription platform called “Crator”, Play2Earn games, and token and NFT pools.

EverGrow Ecosystem Features:

  1. “Crator” content subscription platform

Launched in the first quarter of 2022, Crator will be the world’s first content subscription platform facilitating Crypto and FIAT payments. This will create utility and bulk for EverGrow Coin because EGC $ can be used to purchase content, tip and send messages to content creators on Crator.

The other ecosystem platforms, including the NFT and Lending marketplace, are being developed on BSC. BSC has established itself as one of the world’s leading blockchains for decentralized finance (DeFi). Binance Smart Chain enables ultra-fast transactions and ultra-low costs, giving EverGrow an edge over other existing solutions that use Ethereum in their core infrastructure.

Company: Evergrow Coin
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Website: https://evergrowcoin.com

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