House Defense Bill to Study P2P Carsharing – Legal and Legislative


Many experts are touting the benefits of p2p carsharing, namely income opportunities for car owners, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and positive economic impact, in light of the study of the US House.

Photo by Aaron Kittredge from Pexels

The National Defense Authorization Act 2022 was passed by the United States House of Representatives on September 23 and directs the Secretary of Defense to study the logistics and potential benefits of peer-to-peer carsharing. Peer (P2P). After the news, a carsharing operator, Getaround, issued a statement in support of the bill.

“As a leading digital and global carsharing market, Getaround is delighted that the House of Representatives has validated this growing alternative to car ownership,” said Andrew Byrnes, Deputy General Counsel and Global Head of public policies at Getaround. “Getaround is ready to support our fighters and their families, whether they are deployed and want to earn an income by sharing their own car or whether they need access to a car to live or work.”

Getaround’s press release summed up the bill, saying, “Specifically, the provision directs the Secretary of Defense to study the logistics and potential benefits of P2P carsharing, including: (1) Owning a car personal, including selling your car or not buying a car in the first place, potentially reducing the opportunities for predatory lending; (2) Benefits for the deployed combatant; (3) Reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions; (4) Benefits for spouses and dependents (i.e., reduced economic income and expenses, such as not having to buy a second car), and (5) changing the mode of l ” own car use to other transportation options, in addition to equity and economic impacts on users having access to a shared car, as well as how participation would impact the depreciation of the car.”

Arun Sundararajan, Harold Price professor of entrepreneurship at New York University and author of The Sharing Economy, added: “People-to-people carsharing has a significant documented positive impact on the US economy, which is growing over time. My own research has shown that these benefits benefit both car owners who share their cars and drivers who get flexible temporary access to a vehicle. It is also increasingly clear that the positive impacts of carsharing are particularly important for underserved communities. “

According to language terms, the Department of Defense will report to the House Armed Services Committee by April 1, 2022.

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