Historic Moment for Colorado’s Third Congressional District: First All-Women Race


WASHINGTON (Gray DC) – Republican candidates Lauren Boebert and Democrat Diane Mitsch Bush both make history in Colorado’s Third Congressional District.

“Whichever candidate wins, it will be a historic moment, and we are proud and happy for that,” said Karen McManus, Voter Service Coordinator for the League of Voters in La Plata.

McManus said the League is excited about the congressional race between Boebert and Bush.

The November 3 winner will be the first woman to represent the 3rd Congressional District.

“Every time you have more women at the table, you bring a different perspective, like what women went through growing up over and over again, but you also have to look at the issues and what they represent on those issues,” McManus said.

Restaurant owner Lauren Boebert, Republican, said she was pushing for strong Conservative ideals like less government in people’s lives and Americans’ right to bear arms. She said she wanted the Coloradans to return to work safely amid the pandemic.

“America is the land of opportunity. It is the home of the free because of the brave and I want to keep our freedoms alive for generations to come. I am the American dream, ”said Boebert.

Democrat Diane Mitsch Bush, a former university professor and state lawmaker, said she was running to protect the Affordable Care Act, cut education costs, keep public lands public, expand renewable energies and train workers exiting the fossil fuel industries.

Mitsch Bush was not available for an interview, but in a statement she said she was running on her record as a bipartisan leader.

When I asked the contestants what the all-female historic race meant to them, they both said it was a special moment in their lives. They also told me that they gave their mothers credit for inspiring them to lead.

In her statement, Mitsch Bush said, “My mother worked so hard to give me all the opportunities she could, including taking out payday loans to pay our rent. I wouldn’t be running for Congress today without his hard work and sacrifices.

“She really is my best friend. To make it as cheesy and real as possible, she’s the wind beneath my wings. She is my hero, ”said Boebert.

“My mom is so smart and talented and so strong,” Boebert said in an interview.

The candidates have two very different campaign styles in the midst of the pandemic. Boebert says she spends the remainder of the campaign traveling the district to meet with voters and organize rallies. Bush says she continues to reach out to her constituents virtually.

Polls show that the congressional race between Boebert and Mitsch Bush is a toss-up.

Postal ballots are due November 3 at 7 p.m.

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