Fourth relaunch of live updates: can this happen in September? California payment, child tax credit dates …



– Some Democrats push the government to extend federal unemployment benefits. Who is versus the measure? (Whole story)

Florida judge to rule on a legal action brought against the state government to restore benefit payments. (Whole story)

– In September, two thirds of Californians will receive a $ 600 stimulus check, they will also go to the polls in a recall election contested. (All the details)

Disney and many other businesses are closing physical stores, leading to massive layoffs, increasing unemployment. (Whole story)

– Democrats unveil $ 3.5 trillion spending bill, what made the cut? (Whole story)

FDA approval Pfizer vaccine will certainly have an impact on economic recovery. (Whole story)

– The child tax credit contributed to 3 million children out of poverty (Whole story)

Useful information / links

– Brief overview of the three dunning checks that were sent by the federal government since March 2020. (More information)

– What pandemic programs will there be after additional unemployment benefits end? (More information)

– Key information on SNAP eligibility as well as a brief history of the program. (More information)

Second state of gold Stimulation control in California: when will the payment arrive? (More information)

– What impact does the Child tax credit hungry in the United States? (More information)

– When should I contact the IRS if my tax refund has not arrived? (More information)

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