Fourth relaunch of live updates: bipartisan infrastructure bill, California stimulus, social security 2022, child tax credit …



– Biden still hasn’t signed Biparty Bill on Infrastructure, with some suggestion that it is while waiting for the continuation of the Build Back Better agenda to be adopted.

The future of the child tax credit rests on the adoption of the reconciliation bill.

– Many in California will see a salary increase in january when the state minimum wage rises to $ 15 per hour for those who work for a company with more than 25 employees.

– COLA 2022 for Veteran advantagesannouncement.

Forty percent of social security beneficiaries are required to pay fgeneral income tax. What are the income limits?

calls for a fourth dunning check before December Keep going.

Advice to ensure that workers receive the highest social security payment possible.

Useful Information & Links

Child tax credit

The next round of child tax credit payments will take place on November 15

– November 15 last day to register for advance payments of the child tax credit

Stimulation controls

Fourth dunning check: the situation in each American state

How do October’s employment figures impact the chances of a fourth dunning check

Will a new dunning check take place in November 2021?

Health Insurance

Registration open continues until December 7

Seniors should be aware that opting out of health insurance at age 65 can come at a considerable cost.

Social Security

– What days and at what time are social security checks deposited?

The increase in the social security COLA will come into effect on December 30, 2021.

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