Finance Lobby opens its CRE funding marketplace to more brokers and lenders

MIAMI, FL/ACCESSWIRE/May 9, 2022/ After facilitating over $600 million in trades during the closed beta, Finance Lobby LLC entered open beta, allowing commercial real estate brokers to post offers live on the company’s platform. All lenders can sign up for a free trial and experience the features of the online marketplace.

Finance Lobby’s CRE lending platform comes at a time when companies in various industries, including commercial real estate, are considering using online software in hopes of eliminating or at least minimizing redundancy and workplace inefficiency. Programs that have the potential to streamline time management, accounting, and other functions are relatively common.

However, Finance Lobby’s commercial real estate loan market is a development in an industry where, until recently, CRE professionals were accustomed to spending months back and forth, making multiple phone calls throughout of their working days, only to end up with an agreement that does not always fully satisfy someone. With the Finance Lobby platform, the CRE space could witness a shift towards a new way of doing business, as the commercial lending platform connects brokers with lenders, helping them facilitate more financing. fast and perfectly adapted to each transaction.

Finance Hall states that the results of its closed beta have exceeded its expectations. “After all the hard work of our team, we were happy to see so many CRE lenders and brokers connected through our platform,” the company says. “With the successful completion of the closed beta, we are adding more deals to our platform as well as 50 brokers per week from our growing waitlist.”

The culmination of the closed beta, Finance Hall said, was an $87 million transaction for which the broker received a competitive quote less than an hour after it was posted. The lender was matched with a relevant offer and had all the information needed to establish a competitive quote. The broker obtained exactly the conditions desired by the borrower.

“While this is just one transaction and not representative of all transactions on Finance Lobby’s commercial lending platform, we were excited about it,” the company says. . “As you can imagine, $87 million deals aren’t always easy to close. The fact that this one received a competitive quote so quickly indicates what can happen when CRE lenders and brokers are able to put aside their phones and instead use today’s technology to be more efficient. Currently, each transaction on our platform receives an average of four competitive quotes. »

Like Finance Hall is going through open beta, it continues to prepare for the official launch of its CRE lending marketplace. “It will be an incredible day for our team members, who have all worked incredibly hard to make Finance Lobby a success,” the company says. “Our ultimate goal is to help every broker and lender work more efficiently so they can close better deals while being faster and more productive. Think what that can lead to in an industry whose workers have long counted on cell phones to do their jobs.

Finance Hall is an online financing marketplace for commercial borrowers, brokers and lenders. It helps CRE professionals find the deals they want without hassle. For more information about Finance Lobby, please visit the company’s website at or contact:

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