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LONDON, UK, August 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – USWAP is a DEX (decentralized exchange) that is deployed on the TRON blockchain. This is a modified and improved version of the UNISWAP V2 model which is deployed on the Ethereum network.

Decentralized exchanges are part of the DeFi (decentralized finance) revolution that strives to free the masses from the shackles of economic slavery by taking back and returning power and control to the investors themselves.

USWAP is unique and varies from other DEX projects, one of the main features that differentiates Uswap from other DEXs is the “safe-DEX” protocol, to pass, all tokens and projects wishing to be listed on Uswap will have to go through a Whitelist A process in which the Uswap team performs an audit and assessment of the contract, before being accepted by USWAP to ensure that there are no vulnerabilities to be exploited in the contract.

This means that all tokens listed on USWAP have been carefully checked and audited by USWAP’s expert team of developers. Therefore, users can be assured that every token listed on the USWAP is 100% legitimate and free from any malicious intent, such as carpet-pulling or scams.

What is USWAP?

USWAP is an Automated Market Maker (AMM) – which is compiled by a series of smart contracts forming and functioning as a decentralized exchange that allows users to trade and trade TRC20 tokens instantly without the need to create accounts, to provide KYC, to make deposits or withdrawals. A decentralized exchange allows users to provide liquidity and earn swap fees generated on the DEX. It also provides an incentive to cultivate the yield of the Uswap UME governance token.

Uswap was deployed to the TRON mainnet on November 9e 2020 and has since become one of the fastest growing DEXs on the TRON network, also winning several awards from the TRON Foundation itself through its DEFI Hackathon. TRON is one of the leading blockchain networks in the market and the DEFI space on TRON continues to grow at a breakneck pace that Uswap users are capitalizing on.

What is DeFi?

DEFI is a shorthand for “DECENTRALIZED FINANCE” and is the hottest topic that has emerged within blockchain technology as it allows people to control their assets and generate income as a provider of certain DEFI services. Services can be decentralized exchanges, derivatives, oracles, lending platforms and much more. It allows the user to use what they have to generate more in a simple and secure way. The DEFI space has evolved rapidly on the ETH network over the past few years, but as the ETH network faces challenges with scalability and high transaction fees, more and more users and developers migrate to the most obvious choice for DEFI interactions, TRON.

Yield farming: cryptocurrency farming

“Yield Farming” is a reward program introduced over the past year to the DeFi crypto world.

Basically, Yield Farming is a new way of distributing tokens that have been issued for a DEFI project, even though all tokens are issued in the market, the token distribution is done through farming yield which is more similar to “mining,” meaning that token production is regulated by smart contracts to gradually increase the circulating supply over time.

One of the most common ways of yield farming is to provide cash to a DEX (AMM). The AMM model relies heavily on Liquidity Providers (LPs) who deposit funds into DEX liquidity pools, this liquidity is used to trade and trade on the AMM model. Investors who provide this liquidity benefit from the incentive to use the LP Tokens to stake and mine the proprietary token for the specific project to which you have provided liquidity. These pools are the foundation of most DEFI markets where users borrow, lend and trade tokens. DEFI users pay trading fees at the market, the market shares the fees with liquidity providers based on their share of liquidity.

Why to rejoin USWAP?

Using an automated market maker approach, USWAP users trade against a cash pool of crypto assets stored on smart contracts. These pools are populated by investors and users who place their assets in the cash pool and get LP tokens for the liquidity they have provided.

Users providing liquidity to Uswap earn income from swap fees and can use the LP tokens to participate in their respective pool to earn the native governance token on Uswap DEX, the UME token. USWAP allows users to use the native UME internal token in multiple services to generate additional assets.

USWAP allows users to trade TRC20 tokens, earn swap fees, stake LP tokens to grow and earn UMEs, as well as access to the world’s first public NFT marketplace on TRON, the first IDO launch pad on TRON and among the first DEFI farm games on TRON!

Which makes USWAP Unique?

Uswap is much more than just DEX, first of all, Uswap uses an automatic market maker methodology, USWAP does not use order books but instead provides liquidity pools. A user can generate income by becoming a liquidity provider; by contributing his tokens to the liquidity pool, he can earn swap fees in the respective pool to which the liquidity has been added and he can stake the LP tokens in the farm to earn rewards for UME.

Uswap is also the first public NFT marketplace on the TRON network allowing artists and writers to create their NFT and put them up for public auction at any time, finally reaching millions of users worldwide for a fraction. of the cost on the ETH network.

Uswap is also the first IDO (initial DEX offering) launch pad on TRON, allowing new projects emerging and launched on TRON to be presented in a new way to launch, and to be presented to a great, active and highly educated, there are token presales, liquidity is increased and locked in for added security, IDO presales are then disseminated to users accordingly and project introduction to a community of 30,000-50,000 users at the time of writing this article!

The native USWAP UME governance coin is a TRC20 token that was introduced to the TRON network on November 9e 2020. The main role of UME is to boost the liquidity of the USWAP platform, secure a community-governed DEX, access IDO offers, bid and buy NFTs and much more. . UME is the gateway to unlimited income streams created in the Uswap ecosystem.

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