CrowdProperty signs £ 300million institutional funding to support UK platform


SYDNEY, July 9, 2021 / PRNewswire / – CrowdProperty has signed a £ 300million UK institutional line of finance deal with a new investment manager.

Michael Bristow and David Ingram – CEO of CrowdProperty UK and Australia respectively.

The line of finance is a five-year agreement designed to complement CrowdProperty’s existing sources of capital.

The news follows the company’s recent expansion into Australia and a UK triple lending record in May when the company lent £ 8.3million, repaid £ 7.5million and received £ 285million in funding requests from SME real estate professionals.

The UK company has now funded the development of 1,501 homes worth £ 297million, creating £ 181million in agreed facilities and lending £ 141million to date.

CrowdProperty Australia is the first step in the company’s international expansion mandate with the local CEO David Ingram joined by the COO Tony zulli and CEO and founder of UK Michael bristow as local business leaders.

Mr Bristow said that despite £ 300million backing of property projects to date, the UK operation is still relatively early in realizing its potential and transforming real estate finance mission.

“Investor liquidity is higher than ever due to the deep real estate expertise, high quality origination, history of 100% principal and interest repayment and the brand of trust built since 2014,” did he declare.

“This naturally attracts more sources of institutional capital looking to work with the most proven, highest quality players, with the most in-depth expertise in asset classes and market-leading track records.” .

“This is also the reason why we are delighted with our recent launch in Australia. Our Australian team is already seeing considerable interest from institutional lenders and wholesale investors in its growing portfolio of real estate projects. We see this dynamic leading to rapid growth of Australia. “

Managing Director of CrowdProperty Australia David Ingram said that since launching here in May, the platform has had a rapidly growing pipeline of small residential developments as well as a lot of interest from wholesale investors and Australian institutions.

“Investors and institutions are drawn to high quality, directly generated real estate projects and the efficiency offered by our platform in bringing them together,” he said.

“The UK has built a very strong pipeline which currently stands at over £ 322million of advanced quality lending opportunities. In three months in Australia, we evaluated more than $ 100 million projects to date in order to finance more $ 50 million by the end of 2022. “

CrowdProperty Australia is a market lending platform financing SME real estate projects and creating investment opportunities for wholesale and institutional investors. Investors can earn up to 7% per annum in target interest returns * on real estate project loans secured by a first mortgage.

* Target returns, not expected returns. For wholesale investors only. The terms, conditions and risks apply.


The CrowdProperty Investment Trust (the Trust) is an unregistered managed investment scheme. The Trust is only accessible to investors who are wholesale clients within the meaning of Section 761G of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).

Investors pledge their funds into the Trust, which provides secured first mortgage loans to SME property developers.

Withdrawals can only be made when the investor’s funds are in the form of cash interest in the trust. Refer to the Information Memorandum (IM) for more information.

CrowdProperty Pty Ltd (ACN 633 516 195) is the investment manager of the Trust (investment manager). The Investment Manager is an authorized representative of the firm (No. 001285637) of Quay Wholesale Fund Services Pty Ltd AFSL No. 528 526, ACN 647 044 602. The authority of the Investment Manager under its Contract of authorized representative with Quay Wholesale Fund Services Pty Ltd is limited to general product advice relating to the Trust only. Quay Wholesale Fund Services Pty Ltd is the trustee of the Trust and the issuer of its IM (Trustee).

The content of this document is not intended as advice on financial products and has been prepared without taking into account your personal circumstances, your investment objectives or your particular needs. You should read the Trust’s Information Memorandum in its entirety to determine whether an investment is suitable for you.

Neither the Investment Manager, Quay Wholesale Fund Services Pty Ltd, nor the Trustee guarantees return of capital, the performance of any investment or the rate of return of the Trust. Past actions do not necessarily define future actions. An investment in the Trust is not a bank deposit and is subject to higher risk than cash investment products, including income loans and some or all of the capital itself.

We strongly suggest that you seek your own professional financial or legal advice before any investment decision.

Media inquiries: Jamie Millar – +61 0421 273 673 | [email protected]

About CrowdProperty Australia:

CrowdProperty is a leading online lending platform that provides financing for small and medium-sized real estate developments through peer-to-peer financing. We meet the financing need of real estate professionals who build high quality real estate programs, with a source of funds from wholesale and institutional investors.

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