Community awareness: Mujeres market is emerging in Santa Ana

For Yesika Salgado, the Mujeres market is a necessity.

“I don’t think we realize how necessary things like the Mujeres market are, until we go there,” the famous Salvadoran poet said.

Mujeres Market is a community-based pop-up market featuring women of color, queer and transgender artists and artists, co-founded by Gloria Lucas of Nalgona Positivity Pride, a Los Angeles-based body positivity organization in 2017.

“These community events and vendor pop-ups were something Gloria would host and I would attend whenever I was invited,” said Salgado, who has published three books of poetry that address topics that speak to the core values ​​of the Mujeres market. .

“I write poetry about my life, my culture, my fat body, but above all about love.”

On December 19, the Mujeres Market arrives in Orange County at the Heritage Museum of Santa Ana, where Salgado will sign books and perform poetry.

Mónica Virgen Zamora, general manager of the Mujeres market, said that the heritage museum is the ideal place for the market because it corresponds to the mission of the market.

“We try to be very community-oriented and very aware of the spaces we enter, and we don’t choose them lightly,” Zamora said. “I couldn’t have created a better place in my mind.”

Zamora said they also worked hard to prioritize local artists at the Sunday market.

“In this case, we’ve prioritized anyone specifically from Santa Ana,” Zamora said. “Gentrification is a very serious issue and an ongoing issue in Santa Ana and we want to do our best to support the people there… we really want to honor the true people of Santa Ana first and foremost.”

Salgado said knowing that you are supporting local artists in your community is part of the draw.

“It feels good to know that you’ve been shopping but also that it directly helps someone’s home, somebody’s family, right back into your community,” said Salgado.

Since its inception five years ago, market inclusiveness has evolved.

“Originally, the Mujeres market was a gathering place for women entrepreneurs of color. Since then we have grown and the world has changed in many ways, ”Zamora said. “We have grown to become more of a BIPOC marketplace. “

Sunday’s market will feature over 80 vendors, all of whom will be owned not only by Blacks, Indigenous people or other people of color, but also people who identify as female, genderqueer, female, transgender or two-spirited. .

Mujeres Market is a community-based pop-up market featuring women of color, queer and transgender designers and performers.

(Rochelle Ulloa)

“We love mujeres, Gloria and I are mujeres, but it’s a privilege to live in a CIS-like body and to be a fairly fair-skinned person,” Zamora said. “We need to make more room for our trans, queer and non-binary friends, and there needs to be room for all of us who are often marginalized… our motto is literally to create our own opportunities together and we can’t do it. if we are. not to mention our trans, queer and non-binary allies.

Market leadership is also evolving as Zamora will take the reins of the Mujeres de Lucas market.

“I’ve been slowly taking control of the market since around 2018,” Zamora said. “And as we move into the New Year, I will be the official owner of Mujeres Market, a separate entity from Nalgona but still part of the family.”

Zamora also said that Salgado was one of the early supporters of the market and that she was happy that they could all support each other.

“Gloria and Yesika were actually really good friends for a long time,” Zamora said. “Yesika likes to say that Nalgona put her on the map, but I feel like we’re keeping ourselves on our own map.”

Salgado said she was happy to lend her voice to the cause.

“I really believe in supporting women and women, marginalized people when they do amazing things,” said Salgado. “One of the ways I can show my support for things I really believe in is by loaning out my own followers, showing them off, and sharing them with my own audience. Because not only is it beneficial. for the people who put it on, but it’s also really great for my audience to be able to see events made for them, by people who look like them.

Salgado will have his three books of poetry, “Corazón”, “Tesoro” and “Hermosa”, for sale and do a book signing and meet and greet from 1pm to 3pm.

“At the end of the event, I will close it with a performance,” said Salgado.

Besides Salgado and so many unique sellers, the market will also have food trucks, a cash bar and DJ Gfunk Trece, DJ Zuri Adia and the Santa Ana chapter of Chulitas Vinyl spinning.

The Mujeres Market is held Sunday, December 19 from noon to 6 p.m. at the Heritage Museum of Orange County, 3101 W. Harvard St. in Santa Ana. General admission is free for this outdoor event.

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