Blue Fox Entertainment acquires Crossroad Lending to form Blue Fox Financing

becomes the first digital lending platform dedicated to film financing

blue fox entertainment announced that it had acquired Ready at the crossroadsan innovative digital marketplace for film financing which will be called Blue Fox Funding. Founded in 2015 by James Huntsman, Blue Fox Entertainment is a leading international feature film sales and domestic distribution company with a strong commitment to traditional theatrical and digital platforms.

Developed and created by veteran film producer Patrick Rizzotti, Blue Fox Financing ( serves the entertainment industry by connecting filmmakers to a curated database of film and television lenders as well as donors. This unique platform is a marketplace for producers who need cash for films preparing for production and financial institutions, as well as individual investors who need low-risk loan opportunities.

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“The Blue Fox funding platform is uniquely positioned in the entertainment industry for its ability to streamline and accelerate funding opportunities for filmmakers and lenders alike. Blue Fox Financing is a natural extension of Blue Fox Entertainment’s distribution and sales business, but it is a stand-alone company independently operated by Patrick,” Huntsman said.

Rizzotti said: “Several years ago, when I was trying to collect a large streaming license fee, I realized that there were only limited and expensive options to obtain a lender, even for low-risk guarantees. As a result, I created a marketplace that connected filmmakers to lenders, through which there would be a centralized platform to buy your debt financing on films. This is commonplace in other industries like mortgages, business lending and insurance. As a film producer, I’m always on the lookout for this kind of funding for my own projects and I know firsthand how helpful this market will be for filmmakers who will now be able to instantly tap into a wide range of lenders. and knowing they are getting the best rates.”

Blue Fox Financing’s business model focuses on US Tax Credit Loans, Gap/Supergap Loans, US Minimum Guarantees and/or Foreign Presales and Appraisals. By providing easy access to lenders and competitive rates for this type of financing, Blue Fox is streamlining a previously complex and archaic process while providing growers and lenders with an advantageous, transactional marketplace.

Patrick Rizzotti is a veteran film, television and podcast producer and founder of Crossroad Productions. His feature film credits include the critically acclaimed Pride starring Oscar nominee Terrence Howard, the three-film horror franchise The Collector, co-written and directed by Marcus Dunstan and the great, a psychological thriller starring Val Kilmer. Upcoming movies include Maximum truth with Ike Barinholtz & Dylan O’Brien and Bunkerdirected by Adrian Langley.

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Blue Fox Entertainment is one of the world’s leading feature film sales and distribution companies. Launched in 2015, Blue Fox’s expertise in film production, financing, sales, distribution and marketing offers an attractive model for filmmakers and creatives.

The company’s recent national listing includes the Wolf & The Lionthe French romantic epic, eiffeland the teen comedy-drama, Butter. Other notable releases are the action thriller Killer with Liam Hemsworth; the critically acclaimed comedy Sometimes Always Never with Bill Nighy; directed by Julie Delpy My Zoe; and the Sundance family comedy abe with Noah Schnapp. Recent selling titles include: the acclaimed comedy-drama Language Lessons starring Natalie Morales and Mark Duplass; the charming romantic comedy Dating & New York; the action thriller The war wolves; suspense thriller The girl at the window; and the hit romance The lost husband with Josh Duhamel and Leslie Bibb.

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