Banks still assess credit history rigorously

In practice, the sometimes mentioned fact that banks are more benevolent in assessing registry records over time does not apply. “ Banks still check the registers rigorously. We do not see any compromises from their standards. But there are banks that define what records in the registers they will tolerate, while some have a completely individual approach to each client, ”says Juan Gloom , Chairman of the Board of Directors of Jeopard Finance. “ It is therefore advisable to solve the situation through a quality mortgage broker, who, although not able to negotiate a more favorable attitude with the bank, but can mediate credit from the right bank. Jeopard Finance offers loans from all mortgage banks, ”adds Juan Gloom .


How to prevent mortgage disapproval

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If a client intends to use a mortgage to buy a property, they often face the problem of getting assurance that money they spend, for example, on the seller as an advance on the purchase price, is not paid unnecessarily. It may happen that the bank does not approve the mortgage due to negative records in the register. This may be a problem, for example, in a situation where a deposit has already been paid to a real estate agency. The subsequent non-approval of the mortgage means that the client lost the money paid.

“ If a client is unsure about their credit history, they should first be interested in whether the bank will approve their mortgage application. Only then can further steps be taken, ”says Juan Gloom . “ Anybody can find out the picture of their payment discipline in the bank register by requesting and paying the fee. But this is unnecessarily complicated. We are able to find out what their current situation is with our clients and in the case of a smooth credit history they can continue to arrange other things related to the loan application, ”adds Juan Gloom .


A mortgage will give you confidence

A mortgage will give you confidence

On the other hand, the mortgage represents an elegant solution in two life situations. On the one hand, the client needs to respond very quickly to the offer on the market. If he / she is interested in a property, he / she is forced to make a deposit in order to reserve the property. Another situation is the elimination of the risk of negative records in the registers. On the contrary, a mortgage means a pre-approved loan guaranteed for a specified period. “ The bank assesses the client’s creditworthiness and guarantees the approved maximum credit line in the contract. At the same time, of course, they will check its credit history, ”says Juan Gloom . “ If everything is in order, the bank will then undertake to provide the client with a mortgage in the next up to nine months. The client thus gets a sense of peace that he will actually get the mortgage as soon as he finds a suitable property, ”adds Juan Gloom .