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I had about five hours of online learning with the boys each day. Of course, the older kids were on their own, but since they’re teenagers, I had to stick with them.

I took five law classes this semester – 15 credit hours – so that was a lot. I had about five hours of work in law school a day, between writing assignments, hypotheses, and videos. I asked my older boys to tutor my younger ones so that I could study law.

In the hospital, one of the areas where I taught PPE guidelines was the lab. People who take blood in a hospital, they are sometimes 21 and 22 years old, and it struck me that this is a very high risk group. A phlebotomist is probably the only person who can’t stay six feet from a patient, so I’ve spent a lot of time in the lab teaching them how to stay as safe as possible.

I also taught our staff about social media, “What are you posting? Should we post it? What can you say What can’t you say Staff sometimes think they can post whatever they want on Facebook because if the hospital tells them what to do, it is a violation of their right to free speech. Next, we need to have a little discussion about constitutional law.

It was really good because it led to my career in law school, and I got to talk about labor law, constitutional law and what it means to be a law at work state.

Nursing is a profession where you serve others, and I think I was most certainly born to serve others. I do it very, very well and I like it. It never tires me.

My goal is to continue to do so by law. I know I won’t have a career doing pro bono work all the time, but I know pro bono work will be a big part of what I do. I like being able to help those who need it.

The idea of ​​studying law was very daunting, but it was always something I had always wanted to do, and my fiance Jay – he’s a cardiologist and we’re getting married in November – really helped me a lot. in my decision to try it. .

It’s never too late, and that’s one of the things I say to my classmates. There is a large group of students at Georgia State. They’re going to be such a great bunch of lawyers. I tell them all the time that if there is anything that you can take away from my knowledge, be sure to encourage anyone, anytime, that it is never too late.

One day, however, when I turn 67, I will retire. But I feel like until you retire you get up and do it every day. You are doing what needs to be done. You help children who need help. You help parents who need help. You help the sick. You help confused people. You help.

This is how we get by.

Photo by Meg Buscema

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