Avoid Scams When We Return Holiday Gifts Best Stories

ROCKFORD (WREX) – With all the Christmas presents open, some ideas may not have gone well.

The Better Business Bureau tries to make sure that the process for returning gifts can be as smooth as possible. BBB officials say the process can be easier if we keep a few things in mind.

“Stores are not legally obligated to accept exchanges or refunds, unless the merchandise is faulty or warped,” said Dennis Horton, director of the BBB’s regional office in Rockford. “While most retailers offer refund and exchange programs, policies vary widely from store to store. “

The BBB says every customer should know the policies of any store, especially when it comes to returns when shopping online. You can also ask if there is a restocking fee, or if they offer a cash refund, exchange, or store credit. For online orders, check if there is a store nearby where you can return the gift in person rather than paying shipping costs.

Dennis Horton recommends, no matter what, to check any store’s return policies.

“Be sure to check the policies this holiday season, even if you know the brand, because stores can change their policies whenever they want,” Horton said.

The BBB indicates that some stores may have a limited period during which returns can be processed. If you are returning a gift, make sure you have the original receipt and packaging. Some stores may ask to see your ID to verify that you have paid for the gift, thus avoiding any scams.

Be sure to include the gift receipt with any gifts you give, and keep the receipt with any gifts you receive during the holidays.

With any electronic device or household appliance, a warranty could be included with the gift. Make sure you understand the details of warranty policies, such as where to bring the broken gift and how repairs are done.

When it comes to gift cards, the BBB advises buying gift cards from the relevant store or from a legitimate website. Some unfamiliar websites may offer gift cards with big discounts, only to steal card numbers or other information.

If you are purchasing a gift card from a physical store, check the packaging for tears or any activation or identification numbers on display, as the card may have been compromised. The BBB also recommends studying how any gift card can be used, how to register the card, and where to report a lost or stolen card.

The BBB says if you see a scam, regardless of whether you have been affected by it or not, to report it to their Scam tracker.

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