AstroGrow Allverse Financial Ecosystem Designing connections between the metaverse and the universe

AstroGrow Allverse Ecosystem launches user-oriented AstroGrow Dashboard dApp, AstroBank, AstroNFT Marketplace, and AstroWallet along with innovative features, maximizing benefits to be earned by customers.

SINGAPORE – For a business to be in the spotlight, it is of the utmost importance that a lot of alluring features are offered. In the world of crypto, newbies and veterans alike tend to seek out companies that offer a safe and promising investment opportunity. AstroGrow Allverse Ecosystem is the ultimate firm that connects the metaverse to the real world. The official currency of this company, AstroGrow is a preeminent think tank offering countless benefits and rewards to the holder of the token. Simply holding this token can help expand one’s portfolio beyond one’s imagination. AstroGrow aims to create an ecosystem that is equally useful both in the metaverse and in the universe.

Project aspirations

AstroGrow ($ATG), with its thoughtful mission, aims to create an ecosystem that benefits both investors and consumers equally. The company aspires to connect digital applications used in both the metaverse and the universe, helping to bridge the gap between the two worlds. The pace of digitization in today’s world is quite fast. To prevent the financial sector from being left behind in this digitalization race and to ensure a promising future, AstroGrow is implementing ways to bring traditional and digital banking markets closer together. The company has allocated $300 million ATG for its private sale for 0.0015 ATG. The private sale of the business is set to close soon.

Countless Alluring Features

AstroGrow offers individuals the opportunity to improve the quantity and value of their assets without doing anything. By simply holding ATG tokens, users can earn automatic BUSD rewards. This is achieved by distributing the allocated 1% of each transaction among all $ATG holders. The Buyback and Burn mechanism adopted by the company collects 1% of each transaction and converts them into BUSD tokens. On redemption, tokens are purchased from this stock of BUSD tokens and then withdrawn from circulation. This holding of BUSD for a short time also rewards users with BUSD reward tokens.

For efficient operation, transaction and usage of the token, 1% of each transaction is allocated to the liquidity pool. Pool tokens are stored as $ATG and $BNB. The continuous supply of tokens from these pools gradually helps to improve the price floor. Investors and traders also find trading easy due to the presence of the liquidity pool. For a business to thrive and grow at a steady pace, it is necessary to attract new investors. These new investors can only be reached through effective marketing. AstroGrow allocated 1% of each transaction to the marketing portfolio. Tokens in this wallet are used for marketing purposes.

AstroGrow Dashboard dApp and an efficient working AstroNFT marketplace

AstroGrow’s dApp provides users with innovative services such as latest analytics, token burn counter, market capital assessment and investment calculators. The company offers an exchange interface that seamlessly converts one token to another. By the simple action of downloading an image or data, you can create your own redeemable NFT. The AstroNFT marketplace allows individuals to mint, buy and sell their NFTs. A team of highly accomplished people were in charge of the entire NFT collection, from production to security. The company plans to launch the market by the end of this year.

AstroBank – The perfect bank for $ATG and AstroWallet holders

AstroBank is a platform where many features are offered, all aimed at maximizing investment returns and expanding one’s portfolio. With a wide range of features such as governance, staking, farming, and lending, $ATG holders can reap big profits. This decentralized and community-driven bank maximizes volatility mitigates and puts positive pressure on digital asset prices. Decentralized banking paves the way for a more complex financial ecosystem. It offers $ATG holders the unique opportunity to vote on active proposals. With growing popularity, banking is set to become a passive source of income, especially for institutional investors. The bank paired with a state-of-the-art Crypto wallet is an innovative invention that tends to put the business in the spotlight. Through the AstroWallet, individuals can buy, sell and stake tokens while receiving the latest groundbreaking reward tokens and traditional crypto investments.

In addition, the private sale of the project is currently underway and has already been 73% filled. AstroGrow Allverse is set to become the first company in the coming times that would bridge the gap between the metaverse and the universe.

$ATG Tokenomics

Total supply: 1 billion ATG dollars

Private sale: 30%

Sale of Token/ICO/Liquidity: 40%

Locked for staking and CEX listings: 10%

Strategic burn after casting “AstroBoost”: 10%

Referrals/Airdrop/Contest: 5%

Team Release and Cash Gained: 5%

Total tax: 4%

  • Liquidity reserve: 1%
  • BUSD Reflection: 1%
  • Marketing: 1%
  • Redemption and burning: 1%

Additionally, AstroGrow also advertises on crypto platforms, press, and social media marketing to help the project grow and reach new heights.

For more information on AstroGrow ($ATG), visit the project official site or consult the white paper.

About AstroGrow

AstroGrow is the most rewarding think tank token on the BNB Smart Chain network. Simply hold $ATG and generate $BUSD in passive income from trading volume. AstroGrow’s goal is to connect the Metaverse to the Universe. Create an ecosystem that can be used in multiple worlds.

The goals of the AstroGrow platform are to help consumers and investors get the most out of an all-in-one ecosystem. Bringing together digital applications that can be used both in our universe and in the metaverse. The main goal is to give maximum benefits to users and investors through the AstroGrow ecosystem. AstroGrow strives to build bridges between traditional and digital banking markets to drive growth and acceptance, enabling the future of finance to take shape.

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