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Just a week after Apple Card added a brand new internet portal to manage your bill and statements from the browser, another primary function gap has been partially filled. As first noticed on Reddit, you can now create a hyperlink between your Apple Card account and the Mint budgeting service.

For those who are not familiar, Mint is a popular budgeting service that links banks, payments, bank cards and more from many different locations. For Apple Card customers, one of the many obvious omissions (aside from an online portal) was the integration with budgeting platforms like Mint. That is changing right now, however, as Mint has added partial integration with Apple Card.

The new integration between Mint and Apple Card is apparently made possible by last week’s new internet interface for Apple Card. By Mint, you can now use the “Find Your Account” software to create a hyperlink between your Apple Card account and your Mint account. Just search for Apple Card, you will most likely be asked for your Apple ID and password.

When you log in effectively, you will be prompted to justify your login with immediate two-factor authentication. After that, you will be able to see the stability of your Apple card with your different bank cards immediately in Mint, but the integration just isn’t as rich as Mint with different platforms.

As you hyperlink your Apple card to Mint, you can see information like your stability, accessible credit score, overall credit score, APR, and fees. Unfortunately, there is no help showing the transactional information of the Apple card in Mint. Presumably, this is because the Apple Card internet interface on Apple’s website also does not present transactional information.

You will be able to experience Apple Card integration with Mint from now on. While it’s not as feature rich as many people would like, at least now you can see your Apple Card alongside all of your different accounts in one place. The combination may improve over time, although problems are possible, limited by Apple’s implementation of an Apple Card network interface. You can also export the transactional information from the Apple Card and import it manually.

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