Acardex launches the largest decentralized exchange on

Chicago, IL, Feb. 18 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Acardex is poised to become the most unique DeFi on the Cardano network that uses the automated market maker protocol in achieving its primary purpose as a decentralized exchange for native token exchange. and non-native and native token exchange based on Cardano.

Acardex is also on a mission to offer other DeFi services like Initial Dex Offer Launchpad, NFT Marketplace, Borrowing and Lending Protocol and much more.

Features of Acardex

Anonymity: The first significant benefit associated with Acardex decentralized exchanges would relate directly to user anonymity. Users do not need to go through standard identification procedures such as Know Your Customer or KYC processes with decentralized crypto exchanges.

Availability of native tokens: All native tokens on Cardano will be available on our platform, i.e. Acardex offers easier availability of tokens, especially those minted on the Cardano blockchain.

Reduced Counterparty Risks: Counterparty risk is clearly evident when one of the parties involved in a transaction fails to fulfill their contractual obligation. This will be negated as there will be no need for a middleman for transactions, but through our smart contracts, automated means of processing transactions are provided, which ultimately involves freeing oneself from counterparty risk.

Low Security Risks: This simply means users are responsible for their funds and wallet, no one can literally freeze or hack decentralized exchanges as they provide users with private keys. The unique strength of a DEX or decentralized exchange is that it does not control user funds.

$ACX Token Use Cases

The native token that will power the Acardex network is $ACX and its total supply will be 1,000,000,000 ACX

Acardex use cases include, but are not limited to;

– Ability to exchange ADA for other native Cardano tokens

– Ability to vote and participate in the governance of the platform

– Used for payment of fees such as swap fees and slippage fees

– Possibility to participate in the decentralized NFT market of Acardex, open and accessible to all

– Early adopters of Acardex tokens will have exclusive access to NFT Drops, list their NFts, set a price and sell their assets on our marketplace.

ACX Token Seed Sale Details

1 ACX = 0.00125 ADA

1 ADA = 800 ACX

Minimum purchase: 300 ADA

Maximum purchase: 30,000 ADA

Participate in Sale of seeds in progressusers should only use native Cardano wallets such as Yoroi Wallet, Daedalus Wallet, Nami Wallet or Adalite Wallet.

A comprehensive guide will be made available on how to participate in the ACX Seed Sale

Remember that users can only participate in the Seed-Sale via our website:

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