A stable DeFi project was recently launched


NEW YORK, September 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Decentralized Finance (DeFi) refers to peer-to-peer digital financial services technologies that enable crypto trading, lending, interest accounts and other services . From loans and borrowings to prediction markets, margin trading, payments, insurance, gaming and NFT markets, the DEFI ecosystem is growing rapidly. Like the Defi trend, thousands of projects have emerged over the past 2 years. As an experienced player in DeFi, CoinWind was launched recently. Right now, CoinWind is going to become one of the most popular in terms of single token mining.

The CoinWind speaker says the platform aims to create a DeFi digital asset bank, launching a product with high yield, security and reliability, bundling different unique tokens deposited by users into different pools by contract, and then by raising funds from a certain token pool to participate in different cash extractions depending on the strategy, in order to achieve higher returns for users.

The platform is an optimal Heco and BSC and Ethereum single-token ecological mining income platform. The contract automatically matches the tokens promised to maximize income for all users with a minimum loss strategy without hedging. From its launch on February 22, 2021 until now, in less than six months, its TVL assets have almost peaked at $ 1.473.3 billion (it is now $ 0.7 billion). CoinWind now supports the operation of the main chain HECO, BSC and ETH ecologies. As of 9.119, total user income reached $ 113,739,660.78.

Compared to its original introductory price, it is now about 3.5 times more expensive. For single token mining opportunities, there are currently 16 tokens on HECO and 14 on BSC. Some strengths of APY would include MDX token (208.99% on HECO and 305.67% on BSC), USDT (30.08% on HECO and 35.37% on BSC), DOGE (44.85% on HECO), HUSD (33.87% on HECO), UNI (31.44% on HECO), HDMX (140.23% on BSC), BUSD (44.27% on BSC) and WBNB (37.57% on BSC), among others.

For liquidity pool mining opportunities, there are currently 15 pairs on HECO and 15 pairs on BSC. Among the strengths of APY are MDX-USDT (215.38% on HECO and 278.73% on BSC), MDX-WHT (207.72% on HECO), MDX-WBNB (376.08% on BSC), MDX-BUSD (402.76% on BSC), MDX-HBTC (191.33% on HECO), MDX-BTCB (341.53% on BSC), WBNB-USDT (74.79% on BSC ) and MDX-ETH (232.58% on HECO), among others.

In the increasingly competitive landscape of yield farming DeFi (decentralized finance), CoinWind effectively addresses low income issues from single token mining and high risks of impermanent losses on LP mining. (liquidity pool). Positioned as a smart decentralized financial management platform and not just an aggregation tool, CoinWind focuses on maximizing user returns.

The high-yield, safe and reliable platform places the tokens deposited by the users in the different pools and mobilizes the funds of certain token pools to participate in different liquidity extractions, all according to a combination of project selection strategies. and mining.

At the same time, this is combined with token price hedging strategies to mitigate impermanent losses in extracting cash to ensure the safety of funds.

In addition to the high yields and integration of the Ethereum mainnet, CoinWind plans to include support for more chains including Matic, Solana and others in the pipeline, which will significantly expand its network and open it up to more opportunities for token mining and investors. So as not to be excluded from the potentially massive NFT market, CoinWind will work with IP brands to create an NFT ecosystem to fuel an NFT market where trading and mining will be accessible. All of this signals a massive expansion on the part of CoinWind as a user can expect increased activity, incentives and adoption in the months to come.

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