5 pandemic-friendly side activities you can do from home

Here’s how to increase your income without leaving your home.

You may have reached the point where rising gas and grocery prices are making it harder to stretch your paycheck. Or, you may have financial goals you want to achieve, like building up a $ 3,000 balance in your savings account or paying off a $ 1,500 balance on a credit card.

A side activity could be exactly what gives you more purchasing power and helps you achieve your personal goals. There are plenty of side gigs to choose from in today’s economy.

But if you’ve taken a more cautious approach to the pandemic, you may not want a job that requires you to interact with others in person. If so, don’t worry, there are plenty of side jobs you can do without leaving your home. Here are five to consider.

1. Writing and editing content

If you are good at words, grammar, or attention to detail, you may be able to land a job writing or editing web content. This type of work can not only be done remotely, but you can, in fact, be more efficient if you do it from the comfort of your own home. The less background noise you have to deal with, the less likely you are to make mistakes.

2. Website design

Designing websites is not something that everyone can learn and do. But if you have the skills, you might be successful in securing a constant flow of customers whose websites need to be created and maintained. In addition, there is no need to meet these clients in person when Zoom does the trick discussing the details to guide you in your work.

3. Data entry

Entering data might not be the most exciting job there is, but it could be your ticket to a good extra paycheck. Equally important, it is work that can be done remotely. Plus, it can be quite easy to land a data entry contract, especially among companies looking to move their business online.

4. Telemarketing

Those annoying marketing calls that you kept getting over the lunch hour growing up? You could be the one who starts making them! While telemarketing might not be your ideal sideline, it is one that can most definitely be done from a distance. The job can be pretty easy – you just read a script, over and over, and try not to flinch when half the people you call hang up.

5. Tutoring

For younger students, in-person tutoring is probably a better bet than distance tutoring. But for high school or older students, a remote tutoring setup can work just fine. If you are proficient in a difficult academic subject, it helps to see if you can get tutoring gigs where you meet on Zoom and help clients develop their skills.

A lot of people are working remotely these days – and that extends to those with secondary difficulties. If you want to increase your income without taking risks from the pandemic, it pays to explore these options for work you can do from home.

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